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“From data to dollar” is our credo by which we enhance the profitability of well-known companies. Dastani Consulting is regarded as a pioneer in the area of Predictive Analytics and is the leading consulting company for Data Mining und Data Science. We are able to substantially improve the performance of our clients by utilising methodologies from the areas of Predictive Analytics, Data Mining and analytical CRM.

Predictive Analytics and Customer Value Prediction

Our Predictive Analytics approach combines data, mathematics and algorithms to maximise the exploitation of profitability potentials. The Customer Value Prediction approach shows up the turnover potentials of individual customers, regions or products. Developed by Dastani Consulting, this unique methodology is already being used by many of our prestigious clients to enhance turnover and profitability. It is also being used in the areas of customer acquisition and loyalty.

Big Data and Data Science

We are able to optimise your procurement, logistics, sales and marketing functions with the aid of mathematical and statistical formulae. For example, our models predict which products will be sold in which quantities and at what prices, who will buy them and what quantities should ideally be in stock. Only when the required knowledge is extracted from unstructured, heterogeneous data masses can it be utilised to make the relevant decisions.


We transform CRM into successful business. Dastani Consulting regards the setting up of a strategic platform to raise turnover, improve customer acquisition and enhance customer loyalty as being central to CRM. From the development strategy to pilot testing and finally to market readiness, our consultants manage all processes relevant to the success of CRM and assure its profitable market introduction and subsequent optimisation.

Business Intelligence

Our best-in-class management dashboards enhance the quality of decision-making. Our BI solutions are in worldwide use in the areas of controlling, procurement, marketing and sales. They combine forecasts, budgets and actual figures to give management the input they need to run the company. For years, we have relied on in-memory technology for the real-time evaluation of very large data quantities, enabling their graphical presentation in the form of dashboards.




                                                                                  DATA SCIENTIST: THE SEXIEST JOB OF THE 21ST CENTURY

                                                                                  – HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW


                                                                                  Practical Application of Data Mining

                                                                                  Data Mining im praktischen Einsatz

                                                                                  Paul Alpar, Joachim Niedereichholz (publisher), Vieweg Verlag
                                                                                  [German language]

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                                                                                  Customer Profiling

                                                                                  …basis for efficient customer acquisition in the B2B sector. Jointly with Matthias Klug.
                                                                                  In: Zeitschrift der Unternehmensberatung (ZUb) 03/07 (2007)
                                                                                  [German language]

                                                                                  Quality Assurance in Customer Acquisition

                                                                                  …a question of organisation: lead management.
                                                                                  In: Direkt Marketing 03/2008, IM-Fachverlag (2008)
                                                                                  [German language]

                                                                                  Optimised Media Planning

                                                                                  …with neuronal networks.
                                                                                  In: Database Marketing, published 1999 in IM-Fachverlag
                                                                                  [German language]

                                                                                  Cross- und UpSelling

                                                                                  Tracking down potentials and exploiting them with cross- and up-selling.
                                                                                  In: Direkt Marketing 02/2008,IM-Fachverlag (2008)
                                                                                  [German language]

                                                                                  Data Mining – New Customer Acquisition

                                                                                  Data Mining gestützte Neukundengewinnung und Potenzialausschöpfung im Business-to-Business-Segment

                                                                                  …and exploitation of potential in the B2B sector.
                                                                                  In: Der Vertriebs-Guide
                                                                                  Herausgegeben von Ahlert, Dannenberg, Huckemann 2003, Luchterhand-Verlag
                                                                                  [German language]

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                                                                                  Customer Information in Direct Marketing

                                                                                  Get to know your customers better – analysis of customer information in direct marketing.
                                                                                  In: Direkt Marketing 07/2002,IM-Fachverlag (2002)
                                                                                  [German language]

                                                                                  Data Mining in Database Marketing

                                                                                  Data Mining im Database Marketing

                                                                                  In: Handbuch Database Marketing (Database marketing handbook).
                                                                                  Published by J. Link, D. Brändli, C. Schleuning, R.E. Hehl, Ettlingen 1997,IM-Fachverlag , 2nd edition
                                                                                  [German language]

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                                                                                  Mobile Computer Aided Selling Systeme

                                                                                  Mobile Computer Aided Selling Systeme

                                                                                  In: Mobile Commerce – Gewinnpotenziale in Marketing und Vertrieb (Mobile commerce - profit potential in marketing and sales).
                                                                                  Published by J.Link 2003, Springer Verlag, 1st edition
                                                                                  [German language]

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                                                                                  Online Mining

                                                                                  Online Mining

                                                                                  In: Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Online Marketing (Competitive Advantage through Online Marketing).
                                                                                  Published by J. Link, Kassel 2000, Springer-Verlag, 2. edition
                                                                                  [German language]

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                                                                                  WITH LOADS OF DATA YOU WILL FIND RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE NOT REAL. BIG DATA IS NOT ABOUT BITS, IT IS ABOUT TALENT

                                                                                  – FORBES MAGAZINE

                                                                                  Current Topics

                                                                                  • S O C I A L     M E D I A

                                                                                  • Predictive Analytics Seminar in Frankfurt/Main

                                                                                    The seminar “Predictive Analytics – increase profitability through precise predictions” will be held on 14-15 July 2014 in Frankfurt.

                                                                                    Dr. Parsis Dastani and business leaders will be presenting topics such as: “Making accurate predictions”, “Implementation of cross- and up-selling”, “Successful customer evaluation and loyalty” as well as many other success-boosting topics. This seminar will support you in promoting and correctly installing Predictive Analytics in your company. Is your sales function making the most of potentials? How profitable are which customers? With the help of this seminar, you will become an expert!

                                                                                    Further information and registration form here

                                                                                  • Founding of the Scientific Marketing e.V. association

                                                                                    Dr. Parsis Dastani is a founding member of the Scientific Marketing association, which was formed against the background of a perceived innovation gridlock. The members – board directors and senior managers with an extensive marketing and sales background – promote innovative marketing based on scientific insight into the public and business environments. Our thematic focus is on Marketing Intelligence (MI). Our aim is to establish Scientific Marketing e.V. as a think tank for entrepreneurially-minded figures from the business and scientific worlds.

                                                                                  • Scoring Services for Leading Worldwide Direct Marketer

                                                                                    Dastani Consulting is extending the data mining workbench for one of the biggest globally active publishers. In close cooperation with the customer’s Customer Intelligence Team, Dastani Consulting’s data mining specialists have developed a system for creating scoring models. The scoring workbench sets up scoring models according to strictly defined rules. The Dastani Consulting experts operate the system, regularly setting up scoring models for the customer.

                                                                                  • Campaigns for the Publishing Sector

                                                                                    Product management requirements are implemented in the form of operative selections made with the aid of the UNICA campaign management system, whereby Dastani Consulting works as the extended workbench of the customer’s database marketing department.

                                                                                  • Acquisition of Leasing Fleet Customers

                                                                                    A leading brand-independent leasing company places its reliance on the MarketConnect acquisition methodology developed by Dastani Consulting.

                                                                                    MarketConnect links up customer profiles, realtime scoring and target group selection, telemarketing control, call-centre control, lead management and sales controlling. The optimisation of lead-generation agent selection and benchmarking takes place in real time.

                                                                                    With the aid of this methodology, well over 100,000 B2B leads have been generated in the last few years in core sectors such as automotive, logistics, forklift trucks, software and mobile telecoms. In the automotive sector for example, Dastani Consulting was instrumental in the sale of 8,000 premium-segment fleet vehicles.

                                                                                  • Forklift Truck Market Leader: Europe-wide Acquisition Programme

                                                                                    Dastani Consulting supports the leading manufacturer of forklift trucks in their new customer acquisition on a Europe-wide basis.

                                                                                    The customer profiling and Dastani Consulting’s “wave principle” already having been successfully established in Germany, these instruments are now also being introduced in other major European markets. Once the country-specific potentials have been determined, support is provided to the call-centres through the selection of compatible addresses. The wave principle assures the continuous improvement of the lead rates.

                                                                                  • Customer Value Prediction for Manufacturer of Construction Elements

                                                                                    Following a successful pre-test, a global leader in the manufacture of construction elements has introduced Dastani Consulting’s Customer Value Model.

                                                                                    Existing customers’ up- and cross-selling potentials will be determined using the customer value approach.

                                                                                    The Dastani Customer Profiler is already being used in many sectors (telecoms, IT hardware and software, logistics, automotive, letters/parcels, non-profit) to identify the potentials of existing and potential new customers. The customer potentials are classified in product groups and facilitate the planning and supervision of sales activities.

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                                                                                  THE GOAL IS TO TURN DATA INTO INFORMATION, AND INFORMATION INTO INSIGHT

                                                                                  – CARLY FIORINA / HEWLETT-PACKARD


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